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Support for the people of Ukraine

Help support the people of Ukraine by donating to Semcon’s fundraiser. Semcon will match the raised amount.

Right now, a large part of the people of Ukraine are forced to leave their homes, facing devastating insecurities and suffering. It is hard to grasp the magnitude of the destruction that war brings, and it can be difficult to know how to support.

We at Semcon stand by the people of Ukraine in this humanitarian crisis, and we want to help. Therefor we have now started a fundraiser, where you can donate any amount you want. Everything counts. We have set a goal for the fundraiser of 200 000 SEK and Semcon will then double the money raised up to that amount. Our goal is to raise 400 000 SEK in total. You can learn more about UNHCR’s important work in Ukraine on their website.

If you want to participate, please make your donation here. Let us together try to send help to people in need.

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