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Företagsinsamling Ukraina

Plint and Linguists for Ukraine

We stand by the Ukrainian people.

In these difficult times, Plint and our global linguist community are committed to helping in any way that we can. Both members of our in-house teams as well as our freelancers have reached out, wanting to donate parts of their earnings to support the people of Ukraine.

We are immensely grateful to have such a warm and humanitarian spirit within our community and have decided that Plint as a company will match the donations coming from our freelancers and colleagues during this campaign.

That means that for every penny donated by our freelancers and employees, Plint will double that up to a total amount of 200,000 SEK. In addition Akelius Foundation also matches all gifts donated to UNHCR during March. Linguist donations will be added weekly here from Plint's finance team. Don't forget to check back now and then to follow the progress.

Together we can and will make a difference!
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  • Fredrik Island Gustavsen Fredrik Island Gustavsen gav 1 000 kr

    Takk for initiativet, Plint 💚 Stolt av å jobbe for dere.

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    Donation from freelancers at Plint AB

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    Donation from freelancers at Plint AB

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  • Kanoklak/Kim Manapai Kanoklak/Kim Manapai gav 400 kr

  • Plint Plint gav 100 000 kr

    Plints part 2 of total payment.

  • Monia E Monia E gav 500 kr

  • Tero Vaaja Tero Vaaja gav 200 kr

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • M Larsson M Larsson gav 300 kr

    För att det behövs

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  • Sonja Balac Sonja Balac gav 500 kr

    Make love, not war

  • Ann-Sofi Andersson Ann-Sofi Andersson gav 1 000 kr

    Önskar så att detta elände ska få ett snabbt slut. Lider med alla drabbade.

    Plint Plint: Thank you very much Ann-Sofi!
  • Anonym Anonym gav 2 000 kr


    Plint Plint: Thank you very much for your generous support!
  • Anna Kuntze Anna Kuntze gav 100 kr

    Plint Plint: Thank you Anna!
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    tillsammans gör vi skillnade

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