Cloetta - support the people of Ukraine

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Cloetta - support the people of Ukraine

UNHCR is helping Ukraine families whose lives, health and freedom are threatened. They ensure that people get access to medical care, shelter, food and drinking water. An important work that Cloetta and our employees want to support.

Therefore we have started this fundraising and encourage our employees to make private donations to this.

For every gift donated by our employees, Cloetta will donate the same amount. In addition, Akelius Foundation doubles all contributions to UNHCR during March.

Please make your donation latest March 27.

Help us to help Ukraine, your contribution is important - together we make a difference!

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  • Cloetta AB Cloetta AB gav 265 000 kr

  • Jan-Åke Karlsson Jan-Åke Karlsson gav 1 000 kr

  • Cloetta Cloetta gav 500 kr

  • Frans Ryden Frans Ryden gav 10 000 kr

    From the Ryden family to help Ukraine.

  • Tuomas Saarto Tuomas Saarto gav 5 000 kr

    From our Family, to the people of Ukraine

  • Marjo Pekkala Marjo Pekkala gav 100 kr

  • Stephen Gaunt-Edwards Stephen Gaunt-Edwards gav 300 kr

  • Emiel Sonnemans Emiel Sonnemans gav 1 000 kr

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  • Anonym Anonym gav 1 000 kr

  • Carl-Johan Karlsson Carl-Johan Karlsson gav 200 kr

  • Vilja Tähtinen Vilja Tähtinen gav 600 kr

    Slava Ukraini!

  • Sari  Mäki-Mantila Sari Mäki-Mantila gav 500 kr

  • Jouni Tuurala Jouni Tuurala gav 300 kr

  • Natasja Deelen Natasja Deelen gav 500 kr

  • Cloetta Sverige AB Cloetta Sverige AB gav 500 kr

  • Peter  Lind Peter Lind gav 100 kr

  • Jessica Käll Jessica Käll gav 300 kr

  • Monica Nordqvist Monica Nordqvist gav 100 kr

  • Gunnar Johansson Gunnar Johansson gav 300 kr

  • Jan-Willem Koelman Jan-Willem Koelman gav 1 000 kr

  • Paulina Stålnacke Paulina Stålnacke gav 500 kr

    Lots of love to the Ukrainian people. <3