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Tertiary Education
Dear Knowit colleagues, clients, partners, and friends! Will you help me support UNHCR's project Tertiary Scholarship Programme?

For refugees, gaining access to higher education is a battle against the odds. Only six percent of refugee youths attend university and college, compared to 38 percent for everyone in the world. By donating, you can help the new generation of young adults to be defined by their opportunities for the future, rather than by their past.

Together with you, I would like to raise 500,000 Swedish krona, equivalent to EUR 43,000, before December 31, 2023, for the important work done by UNHCR. For every krona we manage to collect, Knowit will contribute twice the amount, until the goal is reached.
On top of that, the Swedish charity foundation Akelius Foundation double all donations to UNHCR's education initiatives during December.

Join me by donating and sharing this message. Let us act together and help the younger generations who are forced to leave everything they know behind. Donate now.

Per Wallentin
CEO and President of Knowit

P.S. 100 SEK is around EUR 8,50.
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